Sharing for applying for Teacher Education Program

The content of the seminar includes: (1) the direction of preparation and the adjustment of mentality; (3) Carry out the practice and explanation of previous tutorials and teaching examination questions on the theory of frequent examinations; (4) Share oral test answering skills and theoretical understanding with teaching site practical experience. 1. Through the induction and analysis of the archaeological questions in the course, and be proficient in the proposition direction of the educational theories and topics in the examination in recent years. 2. Explain the core educational theories that must be tested in recent years, such as: syllabus, counseling, assessment types, course classification, etc. 3. Explain the laws and issues that must be examined in recent years, such as: teacher law, gender equality education law, SDGs, etc. 4. Share the essentials of answering questions that can be mastered during the oral test and sort out the aspects of answering questions based on practical experience. 5. Share personal past preparation experience and try to connect educational theory with teaching life to facilitate exam preparation.

Implemented by Department of Learning and Materials Design
Date: 2023/02/07

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