2023 UTEI Winter English Camp at Taipei Municipal Xikou Elementary School

The Department of English Instruction, University of Taipei (UT) has a longstanding tradition of sending their students to local elementary schools during winter break to hold English winter camps. This not only serves the community but also provides valuable teaching experience for the students. This year, a service team consisting mostly of junior students successfully held a three-day winter camp from February 1st to 3rd at Taipei Municipal Xikou Elementary School. The camp was highly successful, with children from Xikou learning English in a fun and joyful atmosphere, while the college students gained significant growth in teaching and management skills. The success of the camp was the result of more than six months of hard work and dedication from all the team members. They designed lesson plans, conducted trial teaching, and made necessary adjustments. They also sought advice from Professor Hu Jie-Fang and American teacher Mr. Maechtle. Finally, after many months of hard work, they were able to deliver a fruitful English learning experience for the children at Xikou. In addition to the curriculum, they also work very hard on designing fun activities for the program. They had to be resourceful and quick-witted during the opening and closing ceremonies, morning exercises, sports day, movie time, treasure hunt, and morning stories. They also designed, produced, and tested game levels, props, and dance choreography, respectively. These successful activities were the result of their dedication and collaboration for months. From June of 2022 until the end of the event on February 3rd, 2023, they worked tirelessly, discussing and making various props and promotional materials, making sure that everything went well with the camp. On the final day of the camp, several distinguished VIPs came to give their moral support for the camp including Professor Chang Chi-Min, Chair of the Department of English Instruction, Professor Hu Jie-Fang, Liu Bi-Xian, Principal of Xikou Elementary school, and Chang Hsiu-Chieh, Principal of Nanmen Elementary School. They were impressed by how well the kids worked with their teachers in the camp and put on interesting performances in the closing ceremony. For all the kids and teachers who worked in the camp, the three-day English camp would be one of the most precious memories of their lives for many years to come.

Implemented by Department of English Instruction
Date: 2023/02/01-2023/02/03
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nfeu5XfksA&t=88s

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