2023 Internship Achievement Exhibition of the Department of Psychology and Counseling

The idea of practicum is sort of like the book collection in the library. Through reading and learning, students are able to utilize the learned knowledge into their practice settings; Through diverse training, students internalize what they’ve learned, and converted into their self-cultivation and ability. The current seniors demonstrate their developmental process during practicum in front of the whole department through a form of a story consisting the “library” concept. The presentation of the practicum is not only a milestone for the seniors, it is also a learning and inspiring material for the juniors. A myriad of Students are having the issue of career confusion, hence, the experience of working in different settings provide reference for career selection, moreover, it encourages junior students to try out multiple areas and settings to broaden their ability and interest in order to explore the direction of future career development.

Implemented by Department of Psychology and Counseling
Date: 2023/03/07

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