The Triple Zero Carbon Emission Challenge - Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty, Zero Exclusion

Research has shown that the impact of climate change is extremely critical, thus drawing international attention to the issue. 2050 Net-Zero Emission has been declared by Several countries. The government of Taiwan has announced the “Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050” in March, 2022. The four transition strategies of “Energy Transitions”, “Industrial Transitions”, “Lifestyle Transitions”, and “Social Transitions” as well as two governance foundations of “Technology R&D” and “Climate Legislation” were defined to implement Taiwan's net-zero transitions. According to the direction of the net-zero Pathway, Taiwan government completed the “12 Key Strategies” action plan to implement various transitions through practical actions. In addition to reducing man-made greenhouse gas emissions, carbon negative technologies and carbon sinks also contribute to achieving Net-Zero Emissions. However, the world also needs to consider how to create a friendly society with zero poverty and zero exclusion based on net zero.

Implemented by Department of Earth and Life Science
Date: 2022/10/05

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