2023 Apple Festival Day

The Apple Festival is a tradition of our school. After March, the atmosphere of the Apple Festival will begin. I hope that this wonderful event will continue from one session to the next. On this occasion, in the post-epidemic era, I hope that through the "Apple Hehe Festival", students can go out with a smile and finally take off their masks, and taste all kinds of apple delicacies, snacks or drinks (do not eat while walking), and experience novelty and fun The high-quality vegetable and food supplements and the lively hot music club heated up the atmosphere, making everyone laugh. I hope that through this "Apple Hehe Festival", everyone will laugh and enjoy the fun of life after the epidemic, so that everyone can have leisure and entertainment activities during the post-epidemic period, relieve the pressure of life and schoolwork, and adjust their physical and mental health. Let yourself have a healthy body and mind to continue to move forward into the future.

Implemented by Office of Student Affairs
Date: 2023/03/08-2023/03/31
Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=886779766019011&set=pcb.886780182685636

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