Urban Regeneration 2015-2022 (Lecture Series)

In today's rich speech, the director was invited to talk about the topic of urban regeneration. chief first In the part of urban regeneration, it introduces a lot of practical cases, including the whole house in Fuyuan, where 90% of the public funds are used to assist the people in the renovation, but there are still residents who do not have centripetal force, which leads to the failure of the project. Director Chen also told us a lot of difficulties that will be encountered in the industry, including many people will ask for a ping for a ping, and even after a ping for a ping, some people still want to get more, which is very difficult to operate, resulting in more Still slow. After listening to today's speech, people have a better understanding of how urban regeneration and urban renewal work in practice!

Implemented by Department of Urban Development
Date: 2023/03/28

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