Minutes of the 111th Academic Year Principal-Student Colloquium

Establish a platform that can positively interact with students, so that the principal can communicate with students face-to-face, announce school policies, understand student problems and assist them in solving them, so as to jointly build a better campus environment; the 112 annual principal and student symposium will be held, In addition to the president's personal attendance at the symposium, other administrative supervisors, project units or directors of the center will be invited to participate in the symposium, depending on the questions, suggestions, and business conditions of the representatives and students of each department. [Event Theme] 2023 Principals and Students Symposium 【Event Date】Boai Campus: March 30, 2012 (Thursday) 16:00-17:30 [Venue] The third meeting room of Gongcheng Building, Boai Campus, was successfully held. [Number of Activities] 82 teachers and students participated in the activity

Implemented by Office of Student Affairs
Date: 2023/04/12

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