111-2 University of Taipei lecture

New Southbound is an important strategy for Taiwan in Asia. It is not just a reversal of the westward economic and trade policy, but also a comprehensively updated regional strategy. It should gradually become an Asian regional policy independent of China's policy. The target area covers the 10 ASEAN countries and 6 South Asian countries. , New Zealand, Australia and other 18 countries with a population of more than 2.6 billion. This speech invites Professor Hsiao Hsin-Huang, chairman of the Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation, to share the experience of 12 ministries and civil organizations in economics and trade, education, health care, agriculture, forums, and civil society. Linking other warm strengths, building partnerships and cultivating people-centered, continuous deepening and advancement of the Southward New Deal is in line with the needs and trends of international development, and is conducive to regional development, beneficial to the country, and beneficial to the well-being of the people.

Implemented by General Education Center
Date: 2023/04/21

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