Taiwan's Urban Governance Dilemma and Its Possibilities - Also Talking about Keelung's Governance Experience (Lecture Series)

Taiwanese society has faced many challenges and difficulties in the process of development. The urbanization problems brought about by post-consumerism and pedestrian hell lead to the lack of social foundation in the city, the lack of exchange value of the land view, and the fiscal neglect of the environment. These problems need to be solved through urban planning and community planning. It is worth noting that the Keelung social housing project and the Keelung Mountain-Sea Reconstruction Project are all successful cases and provide experiences that can be used for reference. Community planners can play an important role. Decentralized planning network relationships can also give participants more voice and participation. Urban design should not only be a discussion of experts, but also a process of social formation. Discussion, collective creation and participation are required. Only in this way can we truly realize the sustainable development of the city and better maintain our environmental and social values.

Implemented by Department of Urban Development
Date: 2023/04/18

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