Sustainable Ecological Cities in Australia (Lecture Series)

The speaker shared his experience in Australia. Among them, the Australian government advocates a bottom-up approach to build a suitable environment. For example, as long as you propose to dig a mound in the park for children to ride bicycles, the government will do so after deliberation. Legislative approval will be made immediately; there are also things like advocating food agriculture education in kindergartens and planting edible landscapes. These things are experiences that will never be seen in Taiwan. In addition, Australia advocates the concept of an ecological city, and planting flowers, plants and trees is very important. Compared with Australia, Taiwan has very few trees. Therefore, the ambient temperature is high and the air is not good. Reflecting on the current situation in Taiwan, building development Interests are the mainstream, and there are fewer considerations at the ecological landscape level, which may be the direction in which Taiwan can continue to move forward in the future.

Implemented by Department of Urban Development
Date: 2023/04/27

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