2023 Outstanding Talent English Winter Camp at Taipei Municipal Datong Elementary School: “Let’s Have Fun”

The three-day English Winter Camp "Let's Have Fun" was held at Datong Elementary School in Taipei City from February 8 to 10. A total of 8 freshman and sophomore students from University of Taipei English Instruction Department led 30 students from Datong Elementary School to participate in the curriculums and activities during the camp. In terms of curriculum, we designed 8 different themes including cakes, flowers, clothes, animals, body parts, colors, textures and careers. Each lesson was written by us, aiming to arouse the children's interest in learning English through those interesting classes. As for the other activities, there were a variety of fun competitions and a relay race, as well as a treasure hunt which was integrated with the themes and the content that they had learned. The results of the three days of learning were presented at the final day of the camp. There was not only a static presentation of their works, but also a dynamic morning exercise performance. In addition, we also showed a video which included some photos and short films that were taken during the camp. Students can recall those fond memories, and parents could know what their kids were doing during the camp through the video.

Implemented by Department of English Instruction
Date: 2023/02/08-2023/02/10

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