2023 Outstanding Talent English Winter Camp at Taipei Municipal Huajiang Elementary School:「Adventure Time」

This outstanding talent camp was a brand-new experience for everyone in our team. Although we all had some sporadic teaching and holding activity experiences before, no one had ever written a complete teaching plan before. In addition, our team only has eight people. Activities such as treasure hunting, opening ceremony, and closing ceremony also have to be arranged to members in our team. Therefore, at the beginning of the preparations, we were at a loss and did not know where to start. Fortunately, our junior in our department gave us several suggestions on work assignments and teaching plans. After countless meetings and discussions, we finally got ready to the three-day camp. On the first day of the camp, although the icebreaker game we played at the beginning was a bit uninspiring to the children. Fortunately, later the morning exercise woke them up, and also, we successfully used the group bonus rules to let the students pay attention on the lessons of “place” and “transportation”. In the afternoon, we happily played with them and enhanced the trust and friendship between us. On the second day, we added more rewarding questions in the lessons of “food” and “colors”, which effectively gained the participation of the students; we also joined in the sports activity in the afternoon. Although the students became a little bit more difficult to control, we still had a good time. On the last day, the children's enthusiasm for learning remained undiminished. They worked hard to win the highest score in the lessons of “jobs”, “weather”, and “outfits”. Seeing their unremitting efforts, we felt glad that they were willing to learn English. In our heart, all of them are number one. Through this winter camp, we have not only made friends with the students and teachers in the elementary school but also learned plenty of things in the whole process. We’ve learned the importance of cooperation and communication, and we’ve also learned the skills of teaching in class. Thanks to the teachers in our department and Huajiang Elementary School for their support and encouragement, the camp can finally be so successful. And we believe this precious experience would certainly become the fertilizer for us to become formal elementary school teachers.

Implemented by Department of English Instruction
Date: 2023/02/07-2023/02/08

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