111 annual sports performance

The school's 111 annual sports performance will continue to expand the trend of both humanistic quality and sports and leisure, and integrate cultural heritage into different creativity. The sports college, physical education department and dance department will integrate the types of competition into artistic creativity and make combinations of different levels. And changes, let the original competitive spirit sublimate into different forms of sports performance. In addition to the specialties of dragon and lion sports, street dance, stunt dance, sports dance (i.e. national standard dance), rope skipping and diabolo, dance department, this sports performance will also have performances of special competitive sports, including track and field, judo, Hockey is making its debut, and the Department of Aquatics is making its comeback after a long absence. The overall activity is the result of the joint efforts of all the teachers and students of the school through arrangement, rehearsal, and even the final presentation. , harmonious and high-quality sports art culture features a learning environment.

Implemented by Office of Physical Education
Date: 2022/12/16

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