Lecture Series on Pedagogy - Debates on Liberal Democracy

On November 24, 2022 (Thursday), 3:10-5:00 pm, the Department of Education invited Professor Huo from the Department of Philosophy, Chinese Culture University to give a speech. Professor Huang led teachers and students to understand the value of freedom and democracy. In a country that pursues freedom and democracy, the concept of democracy and political action are one of the driving forces that affect educational practice. The role that university academic freedom may play in a democratic society, Professor Huang It is believed that the academic freedom of the university is conducive to the promotion and development of a society's democratization, and the degree of a society's democratization is often directly proportional to the protection of its university's academic freedom. On the other hand, in a society that is not democratic enough, university academic freedom is often not fully guaranteed; and if universities do not have academic freedom, the democratization process of a society will also be hindered. In other words: a democratic society and university academic freedom are a mutual causal relationship, and a relationship that is a necessary condition for each other. The final conclusion reaffirms the importance of academic freedom in universities, and reminds university scholars not to forget the academic ethics that should be observed when enjoying academic freedom, otherwise it will become an abuse of academic freedom.

Implemented by Department of Education
Date: 2022/11/24

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