Elementary school education counseling on-site tour service - digital learning future development and application research

An introduction to the mobile learning platform. Through practical operations, participating teachers can experience the functions of each platform as students. Contents: Cool Class Cloud Classroom Tools, Cool Learning, myViewBoard, wordwall, classroomscreen, and classroom plug-ins. Practical Operations of Digital Learning in Teaching: 1. Development experience: start with flatbed, action learning development, cross-field teaching. 2. Teaching scene: the application of tablets in reading education. 3. Design courses: (1) campus reading promotion activities; (2) natural science research; (3) SDGs research on social issues Under the impact of emerging diseases, teaching methods are more diverse! Apply new equipment to let students' learning go out of the classroom, enrich students' basic academic ability, and let students learn more richly and brilliantly!

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2023/05/31

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