Our school participates in the 2022 New Southbound-Vietnam talent cooperation training matchmaking meeting

This event is hosted by the Taiwan-Vietnam Economic, Cultural and Educational Development Association, and invites Taiwan universities to organize delegations to Vietnam and the local universities and the Vietnam Higher Education Association to co-organize the "New Southbound-Vietnam Talents Cooperation and Cultivation Matchmaking Meeting", aiming to promote Universities, universities and colleges in Vietnam have established various enrollment agreements and agreements on educational cooperation. This matchmaking meeting attracted hundreds of universities and colleges in Vietnam to participate. A total of 15 universities from all over Taiwan went to Vietnam for talent matching. It is hoped that this activity will attract Vietnamese students to study in our school, enhance the international reputation of our school, make up for the problem of declining birth rate faced by universities in Taiwan, and at the same time solve the dilemma faced by Taiwanese electronics companies in the lack of technical and management talents when they enter Vietnam, so as to create more win situation. School participants: Professor Chen Siqi, Department of Chinese Language and Literature Zhang Kaiwen Team Member, International Office

Implemented by Office Of International Affairs
Date: 2022/10/16

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