What is precision marketing? Are we doing it right?

The speaker invited for this lecture is Felix Chang, Deputy General Manager of Zenithmedia and the title of the lecture is “What is precision marketing? Are we doing it right?”. The speaker mentioned: Everyone in the industry is talking about precision marketing, and it seems that they all do precision marketing, but what exactly is precision marketing? Are we really doing it right? "Precision marketing" has always been a lifelong goal pursued by managers or marketers. Because "precision" means that every marketing appeal is immaculate and directs to the heart of the advertising audience; because "precision" means that every product meets the needs of consumers 100%. But is precision marketing really the case? Is it so easy to achieve? This lecture discusses this topic from the perspectives of marketing, psychology, media operations and information technology.

Implemented by Department of Mathematics
Date: 2019/10/15

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