University of Taipei College of Humanities and Arts Original Musical «Department Hall Top Floor»

To celebrate the 124th anniversary of the school, two consecutive days in the Concert Hall of the Taipei City University Art Museum, the original musical "The Top Floor of the Department Building" was performed under the guidance of the Office of the University's Advanced Education Program Office, sponsored by the School of Humanities and Arts, and undertaken by the Department of Music. The various departments of the school have been actively responding to international trends and the trend of the times for a long time to show the effectiveness of running a school. The "Original Musical" is an annual activity created by the Department of Music in 2010 to show music students' abilities and attempts beyond serious music. Heart, well received. I am glad to see that the original musical shows the passionate artistic expression of the students, or they may be edited or directed. Someone controls the stage, somebody controls the lighting, somebody manages the music, somebody dances, somebody chorus, and somebody holds props. I see the students In the busy schoolwork, I put my heart and soul into preparing this musical of my own, and I was moved inexplicably. Maybe it is not mature enough, maybe it can be more in place, but I believe that the planning, execution, communication, marketing and production abilities learned in this process can be transformed into the beautiful memories and irreplaceable of the students in the future. ability.

Implemented by College of Humanities and Arts
Date: 2019/11/28-2019/11/30

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