Annual corporate visit

Let’s go! we visited well-known companies in Taiwan, and we prepared elegant gifts for companies. At the first stop of the winter company tour, we went to the Footwear and Recreation Technology Research Institute (FRT) and participated in the 2019 Sports Technology Application Summit Forum. FRT starts from the footwear manufacture and enters in the life industry. A company business goal is to move up (assistive device), to move well (shoes and bags), and to move faster (sport and leisure), and therefore which keeps moving forward with improving goods service and enhancing product value. They not only manufacture shoes but also stand in the elderly and physically challenged shoes. They open from Monday to Friday for the masses to visit and hence recommend you support them. And then we visited the Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd (SMT) in Changhua. The company always pushes the limits of traditional equipment to develop new idea manufacturers as a smart exercising office, smart specialized sports training device, and the smart home game with exercise. They create the technology anaerobic exercise equipment in the cloud system. Especially the fitness equipment, SMT IHP interactive, and healthy consultant software is the only reward by ACSM and gets certification to do more smarter in self-health management.

Implemented by Graduate Institute of Sports Equipment Technology
Date: 2019/11/19-2019/11/20

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