Help yourself to step out-on the career planning of athletes

1. Brief description of the activity: It is a great honor to invite Professor Hong Congmin of Taiwan Normal University to give a speech at the school, discussing that most athletes receive training from an early age. In order to create excellent results, they spend a lot of time and effort on special training, but ignore their ability outside the field of sports. Exploration and training, especially the ignorance of disciplinary ability. Because of the lack of relevant knowledge or other skills, students’ future career planning is restricted. However, for athletes, the "peak" is short-lived. In addition to facing the challenge of injury at any time, athletes still have to withstand the natural decline of body functions and leave the sports field. At this time, how to help yourself to step out and successfully transition from the sports field to another environment, Professor Smart talked about his transformation from a national billiard player, and discussed with you the stereotypes of athletes and how to step out to find your own space. In the process of facing career transition, you can use the magnifying glass to see more detailed content through the application of the magnifying glass, try to find the small growth, and make more use of the stress resistance and frustration tolerance cultivated on the sports field. The ability to cooperate with others, etc., and after repeated practice, you will be able to find your own value and go on your ideal path. 2. Effectiveness evaluation  With the rich experience sharing of lecturers, improve students' setting of career planning.  Use lectures to let students understand how to help them step out to find a way that suits them, and break out of their own world.  Using the magnifying glass "ABC" theory, try to look at more detailed content to discover small growth and find your own value. 3. Activity satisfaction analysis Provide students with reference for career planning and enhance the competitiveness of future students in society. Students think that there are great gains, especially when the lecturer uses his own experience to organize the process of knowing himself, and then sets "small" goals, and then receives "small" growth, finds self-worth, goes to the future suitable for their goals, and challenges themselves . I hope that there will be opportunities to hold similar lectures in the future, so that students can confirm their future goals and move towards them when they are in school.

Implemented by Department of Physical Education
Date: 2020/06/15

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