Exploring the provision model of schools and affordable housing from the Educational Development Orientation (EOD)-Taipei City as an example

This project uses the evaluation index framework of social housing bases to analyze the suitability of social housing, and explores the provision mode of schools and affordable housing based on Educational Development (EOD) and Mass Transportation (TOD), and considers the provision of social housing. Explore "open space new construction", "urban renewal business" and "public and private old buildings reuse", in order to effectively reduce the cost of social housing construction, maintenance and management, and substantially meet the location needs of the disadvantaged groups for social housing. The ultimate goal of this project is to combine education development orientation and mass transportation orientation, and incorporate urban rent theory to consider the heterogeneity of rent space and the age characteristics of buildings, and to explore the most suitable location and mode of provision for schools and affordable housing potential bases.

Implemented by College of City Management
Date: 2020/11/09

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