Weekend Seminars-Sharestart

The Department of Mathematics holds two weekend seminars every semester so that students and teachers can communicate with scholars and experts outside the school and understand the current trends in mathematics education and data analysis. This weekend seminar invited Mr. Chang Hui-Cheng, the founder of the Sharestart Education Fundation, and Mr. Liu Jiwen, the core teacher of Sharestart, to give lectures. Mr. Chang Hui-Cheng began to advocate the "Learning, Thinking, Expressing” method in September 2013. He is the first person in Taiwan’s education circle to "open classrooms at any time". The theme of his speech is "New Wave of Contemporary Education and Sharestart". As the teaching methods around the world have begun to change, many free and open online courses are available for learners to extract by themselves. The transfer of knowledge has broken the limitations of space and time. How can teachers make good use of online platforms to input knowledge transform into a multi-directional and interactive teaching model, design a student- oriented teaching field, and enhance students' ability of thinking and self-study. Mr. Liu Jiwen is currently teaching in New Taipei Municipal Xintai Junior High School and is the core teacher of Sharestart. He was a Super teacher in New Taipei City in 2020. He mainly hopes to use Sharestart's teaching model to initiate differentiated teaching and independent learning to achieve every student. During the seminar, he explained the key to differentiated teaching, redefining the role of the teacher, using heterogeneous grouping for multi-track teaching mode, using differentiated lectures, and demonstrating the teaching process of differentiated teaching, integrating digital technology into physical teaching courses. Make good use of the real-time feedback about synchronized teaching and the pause and playback of videos in non-synchronized teaching, so that students can adjust the pace of learning according to their own learning speed to achieve the goal of adaptive learning.

Implemented by Department of Mathematics
Date: 2021/03/20

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