Nangang Ancient Trails: Fly with the Blue Magpies

Taipei Long Walk — Route 6 (from MRT Linguang Station to China University of Science and Technology) The second course starts at Fuyang Eco Park, which is next to MRT Linguang Station. This route starts from the popular Fuzhou Mountain Park, passing through Zhongpu Mountain, the Tiaomi Historic Trail, Myokotai, Thumb Mountain, Four Beast Mountains, and Nangang Mountain. Along the way, there are two mountains from Little BaiYue, an incredible ecosystem diversity, and lots of cultural and historical ancient trails. For the last course, we went to the Nangang Tea Mountain (Chashan) to experience tea plucking and tea bag making. We also enjoyed the view of Taipei from the top of the mountain, as well as the serenity around us. After a short break, we continued to walk along the Sweet Osmanthus Trail (Guihua Trail). With the aroma of osmanthus blossoms in the air, we unconsciously arrived at the famous Guihua Suspension Bridge. A short hike in the cool weather was packed with laughter from the students. Thanks to Mr. Jianming and Mr. Guoyuan for their delicate planning before the course, attentive course arrangement, and their detailed guidance. We had a fantastic outdoor education integration course, which we don't usually have.

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2021/04/24-2021/04/26

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