Walking Out of Loneliness

Today, in the course "Walking Out of Loneliness", Dr. Wang asked students to share their thoughts on the question “What are the three things you want to do before death?” Some students shared that they wanted to travel with their families, and some said they want to find a faith to move on, and these are all meaningful activities to do. By comparing Germany and Taiwan, Dr. Wang also shared some stories about the transformation of justice. We listened to a lot of stories about what happened before the Berlin Wall fell down, as well as the stories about what his father had experienced. We are indebted to our ancestors for their sacrifices as they were the ones who paved the way for our happiness and independence. Taiwan is on the verge of becoming a super-aged society, which would provide a significant obstacle as well as a potential for change. This course explores the design of a healthy and active life by drawing on the experience of the world's leading countries in northwest Europe, especially from social cases in Germany. This course mainly focuses on "walking out of loneliness", with special highlights on several key points: (1) Loneliness is a hidden killer of people’s health. Psychological imbalances can harm a person’s physical health and aggravate social problems, which might be a more serious issue than the ongoing pandemic. (2) The keys to solve major social problems are not technology and materials but trust and communication. (3) Mutual assistance and trust among people are the cornerstones of social happiness in Northwest Europe. Proactive problem solving, and high regard for diversity and integration are also crucial in getting this outcome. (4) To make collaborative learning possible across generations and fields, the confidence to step outside of one's comfort zone should be cultivated. The course planning is centered on "design thinking", which includes making good use of multimedia materials, as well as encouraging students to discuss in groups and propose action plans. We also invite domestic and foreign experts to attend our event or share their experiences and thoughts online. We emphasize the benefits of people integrating their own and others' experiences. That’s why we tend to share case reports on social innovation in Germany in recent years, and all are based on real-life stories. We also introduce some cases and stories of local creativity in Taiwan, encouraging students to plan and develop their life design, and then walk out of loneliness with the assist of collaborative resources.

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2021/04/26-2021/04/28

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