Health Promotion Scheme Design for Elderly People

[Workshop: Health Promotion Scheme Design for Elderly People] Today, we invited Ms. Wu Shiwei, one of our outstanding alumni, to give a lecture to our students. During the lecture, we discussed the meaning of aging and addressed the importance of physical and mental exercise in keeping the elderly healthy. With the advancement of Taiwanese society, the trend of population aging and dependency ratio rising is becoming increasingly apparent. As a result, healthy aging has become a major concern and has prompted the elder sports industry to increase a lot of manpower demand. This course is designed to enhance the professional knowledge of sports instructors. The heated discussion and exchange of opinions between teachers and students in class sparked the sharing of many ideas and experiences. Besides, through hands-on practices and activity design exercises, students gain a greater understanding of the essentials of muscle fitness activities for elderly people. Today we invited Professor Lin Weifang from the Department of Psychology and Counseling to lead us through the mental journey of seniors as they enter the different phases in old age. From a psychological perspective, Professor Lin led the coaches to discuss the mentality, appropriate language, and body movements of the elderly in sports. In the course, six ways of encouragement and praise were discussed, and the coaches were reminded to put safety first in the process of sports. The morning class was wonderful and lively. Weight-bearing was also used throughout the activity, enabling students to experience the emotions of the elders as their bodies became inconvenient, as well as the sensation of their bodies gradually aging. In the afternoon, the coaches brainstormed their own ideas and designed exercises suitable for the elderly, which gave the students a better understanding of the concept.

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2021/05/03

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