108 Local Education Counseling Plan: Teaching in Kindergarten

Body movement games Since the age groups of each class were different, the ball training started with catching the ball with both hands on the ground, then progressed to dribbling and catching the ball with both hands standing up, throwing and catching the ball, followed by dribbling the ball with one hand, changing hands, walking while walking, throwing over the shoulder and kicking the ball. In the teaching cycle, the activities are divided into seven groups according to the principle of gradual progress and difficult teaching in groups, and students are allowed to go through the activities. There are balance beam, prone lunge crawl, dribble, jumping hula hoop, jump rope, around the corner vertebrae, crossing obstacles, etc.. The groups were first divided into descriptions, movement demonstrations, and then divided into groups to carry out circular games.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2020/03/25

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