108 Local Education Counseling Plan: Design and implementation of teaching activities in the field of picture book integration and life course.

Application of Picture Book Reading in Teaching and Learning Course content notes. Find a picture book that you are interested in and have a sense of (personal publication). Use the professional glasses of each field to find the entry point of children's picture books that can be integrated into the teaching of each field (depth of reading, increase the CP value of picture books). The authors of children's picture books are used as entry points to expand the breadth of students' reading and different perspectives (dating with authors, stargazing, CosPlay, and guessing authors). Science Picture Book Teaching Demonstration: Cocoa Ice Picture Book Guided Hands-on Science Experiment "Making Cocoa Ice" (with classroom operation - get up and shake the ice box to explain the science principles). The class will work together with like-minded partners in reading and teaching to sustain the teaching momentum, eliminate teaching blind spots, and reduce the pressure and weight of lesson planning. Operational activity design. Self-made books - guide children to understand the basic components of books, and integrate cross-disciplinary activities in language, art and content areas. Action activities (experiments, experiential activities ......)-Guiding children to discover phenomena, landscapes, and scientific principles in their lives, combining cross-curricular activities in nature, society, and mathematics. Students are guided to expand their learning scope from reading, to build on the shoulders of giants, to see higher and farther, and to develop self-learning skills.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2020/06/19

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