109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Kindergarten Body Rhythms and Large Muscle Development Teaching and Learning Enhancement

1. Warm-up activities (1)Warm-up exercise (2)Music - Polly, Welcome to the Sun, Christmas Moose 2. Balloon stretching Description Please listen to the music with the teacher's designated parts slowly stretch bigger (hands, feet, whole body), using metaphors like balloons to support the parts of the big, and then with the music quickly shrink up the body (1) The first time is first personal, the music is repeated a total of 8 times, each part is done twice (2) Ask the children where else they can get bigger, then play the music again and do it once, and ask the children to stretch in groups of two for the last four repetitions, holding hands. 3.Stamp (1) Ask the children to walk with the rhythm of the music like a penguin (can change the posture or animal) when they hear the music (2) When you hear the four beats (deng deng deng deng), ask the children to work in pairs. (3) When you hear the sound of "ku-qi-qi", ask the children to use their palms as stamps and stamp on each other's body in rhythm. (4) Repeat 1~3 steps until the music ends. Advanced (1) Distribute the newspaper to a class of children first. (2) Ask all children to move around when they hear the music (3) When the four beats are heard, ask the children who do not have the newspaper to find the children who have the newspaper. (4) When listening to "Kukui Enterprise", children with newspapers will hold the newspapers in different positions, and children without newspapers will have to stamp on the newspapers with both hands according to the rhythm, and do it twice in one paragraph. (5)After knocking, walk around with the music to find other children until the end of the music (6) Play twice, after the music is over, ask the children to take the newspaper to another class of children to play again When playing the game, the teacher can use the bell drum to prompt the children what action they should do now.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/04/21

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