109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Kindergarten Body Rhythms and Large Muscle Development Teaching and Learning Enhancement

I. Warm-up activities Full body stretching warm-up Park-wide physical exercise - Kagabure Island, monster watch, bunny hopping and jumping II. Main activities 1. Hopscotch (1) First, divide the children in both classes into two sides. (2) The children on both sides will stand up and form a line. (3) Line up the hula hoops in the shape of a hopscotch, first one hula hoop after another, then two hula hoops interspersed in the middle and then one hula hoop, and so on. (4) Children start one at a time, encounter a circle, older students can try to jump with one foot, small and medium-sized children can use both feet jump; encounter two circles, children can jump into a circle with one foot each. (5) There will be a distance between the last circle and the hoop, children must use both feet to jump standing to complete the challenge, and the next child. (6) The best way to win is to see which team has all the people jumping. 2.Hula wind blowing (1) Place ten hula hoops on the floor and divide them equally. (2) Children from both classes start to enter the area, but cannot step into the hula hoop. (3) When the music starts, the children can start walking. (4) Then the music suddenly turns off and the children must run to the hula hoop, if the music stops and the children do not find the hula hoop, they are out. (5) Then increase the difficulty, each time you stop, there is one less hula hoop. (6) And so on, play until the last hula hoop, see who is left to win. III. Relaxation activities Drink water and take a rest, sit down and rest.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/04/28

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