109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Kindergarten Body Rhythms and Large Muscle Development Teaching and Learning Enhancement

I. Warm-up activities Park-wide physical exercise - Kagabure Island, Monster Watch, Bunny Hopping II. Main activities 1. Passing practice (Passing the ball relay) (1) First, divide the children of the two classes into two sides. (2) Children from both sides will stand up and form a line. (3) The first child from each class will take the ball from the basket and pass it to the next child, and then the next child will pass it backwards. (4) Pass the ball to the last child in the same way, and the last child will put the ball into the back basket, and so on, to see which class finishes the ball in the front basket and passes it to the back basket first. 2. Spot Throwing (Energy Grid Challenge) (1) Divide the children into two sides and place two baskets in the middle. (2) Line up 5 hula hoops on the other side to form a line. (3) One child will stand at a fixed point and throw a basket. If he/she does not make the basket, the next child will do so; if he/she does, he/she can sit in the hula hoop and give the ball to the next child. (4) Throw the balls one by one in order. (5) At the end, we will see which team can sit in the hula hoop first to win. III.Cautions (1) The ball game contains many competition items, but it is not advisable to emphasize too much on winning and losing, but mainly on the attitude of the participants, so you can use words like "every child is working hard" to motivate them. (2) Since most of the games are competition games, the rules must be clearly stated and any violation must be dealt with immediately to avoid affecting the overall order. (3) If the number of children does not allow each child to play equally, the teacher can participate in some of the games or think of other ways to respond, such as the last child playing twice. (4) Avoid deliberate harming behavior, such as mandating that the ball should not be hit directly and that the ball should be rolled. IV Calming activities Drinking and resting, playing in the playground or running in the playground.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/05/12

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