The Library Event “Reading and Sustainable Development

To promote sustainable development, librarians at the University of Taipei Library on Tian-Mu Campus hosted an event called “Earth Day vs. World Book Day: Reading and Sustainable Development” in 2021. Given that library patrons actively participated in the event, we hosted it again in 2022. The event lasted from April 18 to April 24. Aiming to raise awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development, we created a book display highlighting printed books and e-books about environmental protection, climate change, global warming, energy saving, and so forth. During the event, library patrons who borrowed the featured books were rewarded with a limited-edition reusable grocery bag. We hoped that through the event patrons could realize the importance of environmental protection and start living sustainably.

Implemented by Library
Date: 2022/04/18-2022/04/24

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