Summer Enjoy Learning English Camp

This summer camp at Penghu Niaoyu elementary school is a special experience for us. Fortunately, we could hold this camp during the epidemic slowdown. We spent lots of time preparing the activities and the content of the course because the students' age spans from Kindergarten to sixth grade of elementary school this time. It’s a new challenge for us to design 18 different courses which can motivate and inspire children of different ages. We hope that children can have fun and learn in a stress- free environment during the learning process. However, thanks to the teachers of Niaoyu elementary school who helped us a lot and gave us lots of caring, we went smoothly from the preparation before the camp to the courses during the camp. Moreover, the students in Niaoyu elementary school are so lovely and concentrate in class that our worries during the preparation vanished. We’re glad to have this precious opportunity to hold the camp in Penghu, which let us accumulate teaching experience and learn a lot. This will always be our unforgettable experience and memory.

Implemented by Department of English Instruction
Date: 2022/07/18-2022/07/22

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