Special Lecture: Autistic artist Zhong Huaxuan's self-narration of the growth process

The speaker shared his life experience in middle school and high school, how to deal with the unfriendliness of his peers in school, and the career challenges after leaving school, such as identity transfer and facing "painting" is no longer a thing that was purely for himself in the past But doing, painting seems to be a kind of performance in response to the expectations or demands of the outside world. Before the end of the activity, teachers and students are instructed to draw lifelike works with light and shadow with crayons, using their past experience in teaching painting in small workshops or to ordinary people. As for painting, non-participating in the comfort zone of teachers and students, the speaker From past experience, I observed that the participants faced some of their worries (fear of poor painting...), and gave encouragement to everyone at the right time

Implemented by Master's Program of Transition and Leisure Education for Individuals with Disabi
Date: 2022/12/12

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