“The Choice”: The Graduation Performance of the Class of 2023

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved” Everybody in this world has magic, except for one family. Vivian and Merida are sisters that were born in a magicless family. However, they were given a more important mission: to protect Idun’s golden apples. Loki, The God of mischief was banished to the human world. How would he take revenge and take everything back? Would he be able to find the solution and get back to heaven? Merida, who looks strong on the surface but not knowing how to love, and Vivian, who is not confident enough but is willing to be brave for herself. With Loki suddenly appearing, what choices will they make? What price will be paid? Is there a “right” choice? Make your choice. The dispute and rift between Vivian and Merida intersified. Under the shadow of her sister, Vivian could not find a chance to prove herself. She has been under the family's expectations and framework for many years, and gradually lost her own values under Loki's words. In order to get back the apples, Loki found Idun, the goddess in charge of the Golden Apple Orchard. Unexpectedly, he originally wanted to have a good relationship with Idun, but because of inconsistent values, there were disputes and quarrels again, and he lost the shortcut to get back the golden apples. He was disappointed. Loki had to find another way. The Choice, the Class of 2023's graduation performance, broke tradition for the first time, providing the audience a whole new experience and enjoyment with a combination of Nordic mythology and original stories. Through the all-English drama performance, the audience can experience whether there is a constant judgment standard behind the choice. Hope that we can make everyone think about what drives us to choose? This time, students from the Department of English Instruction from the Class of 2023 developed their original script with their own ideas for the theme, plot, content, and they wrote the lines all in English. At the same time, original music and dance were used to add color to the play. The words, composition, arrangement, accompaniment, and recording of the three original songs were all handled by the department’s students! Following that, two rich and dramatic musical dances were designed and staged in accordance with the complete version of the original songs. This made the performance this year exceedingly unique! This year’s graduation performance has a relatively large audience. The play’s plot, the performers’ sincere acting, the original songs and dances, as well as the costumes, props, stage lighting, and the booklet, were all highly praised and appreciated. A big thank you to all the teachers and professionals who helped with this production, as well as the audience and, most significantly, all of the staff who have been involved in the preparation. It is believed that this year’s graduation performance, The Choice, has provided everyone with a distinctive drama feast, accomplishments, and a whole new experience.

Implemented by Department of English Instruction
Date: 2022/12/10

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