Investigation and Research on the health and welfare of Shezi Island residents

1.Investigate the water quality of tap water in Shezi area to provide reference for government policies. 2.Visit the elderly living alone, care about health and welfare, and provide government policy references. 3.Cooperate with local villages to achieve common good and implement social university responsibilities, implement the theory of core courses (sanitation/health system/epidemic disease/health education), emphasize field investigation and service, the importance of two-way learning, and actively promote the concept of health promotion, it is no longer limited to the improvement of medical resources, and then cultivates the ability of research, investigation and problem solving. Epidemiology Team: Through questionnaires, understand the local residents of Shezi Island's flu vaccine and new crown vaccine administration status, and let residents understand the importance of vaccination, the effect and side effects of vaccines through health education. Environmental Sanitation Team: Conduct a simple investigation on the local environment of Shezi Island through on-the-spot investigations, such as water quality sampling and dengue ovitrap survey. In addition, the hygiene habits of local residents, garbage disposal methods, and sources of water quality are investigated through questionnaires, and simple hygiene education is implemented when asking questionnaires. Health education group: Aiming at local elders and children, two kinds of health education teaching plans suitable for different ethnic groups are planned. In the elderly part, provide the most complete knowledge about diet and cultivate a positive attitude towards healthy eating; as for children, we focus on substance abuse, such as tobacco and drugs, and hope to cultivate their rejection attitude towards health-threatening behaviors and the ability to identify their hazards.

Implemented by Department of Health and Welfare
Date: 2023/02/08-2023/02/10

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