2022 University Sustainable Development Goals Workshop - Lecture on Challenges and Opportunities in the Net Zero Era

In order to guide colleges and universities to strengthen local connections, the Ministry of Education gradually invests in international field practice, creates practice models and social influence, and then promotes international visibility, and at the same time links the importance of its own local areas of concern to achieve more local , Yue International's vision. The USR plans of each school are linked to the 17 SDGs indicators of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs), which are similar to the plan attributes, and are in line with global sustainable development issues, so as to guide colleges and universities to find themselves in SDGs The positioning of the school, the pursuit of the school's sustainable management goals. Therefore, I hope that through this symposium, our school will discuss the future development of our school's SDGs from the perspectives of school affairs, educational affairs, and University Social Responsibility (USR).

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2022/12/02

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