colorful college memories: the story of my campus life

In order to assist our colleges students to plan ahead for their career and provide possible routes, the department is pleased to invite JHENG,CI-JHONG, who graduated seven years ago, to share the experience highlights in his college days, including academic performance, dating experience, PT job etc. especially extracurricular activities. He participated in the basketball team for five years and became leader in junior year. In addition to keenly contribute to activities held by the department, he also participated as an international volunteer, doing internship in different institutions. He believed that these experiences will lay the foundation for self-growth, and for sure we will be faced with difficulties, but if we put things in perspective, we can see difficulties as a good experience. As a reminder, before dedicated in any form of volunteering, it is vital to think deeply on one’s motives, what one wish to achieve and possible influences. He is currently working as a full-time counselor at Cardinal Tien Junior College of Health and Management, and he had worked for the government as well. He utilized the technique and knowledge learned in school when practicing counseling. He encourages the younger generation students to keep trying and find their passion for life, and move toward the goal.

Implemented by Department of Psychology and Counseling
Date: 2023/05/02

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