School of Municipal Administration Tainan Relocation Teaching and Micro-Credit Course of "Urban Cross-domain Governance Practice".

This relocated teaching activity is based on the historical district of Tainan City as a case study site. By guiding students to conduct field investigations and research in the site, applying municipal management knowledge (urban development, metropolitan industry management and marketing, health and welfare) and theoretical background, Carry out space planning, social marketing, and health promotion design to enhance students' experience in integrating theory and practice, and enhance students' ability to apply relevant knowledge to solve practical problems. It is hoped that through this relocation teaching activity, students in our school will understand Each other's professional fields are also used to implement the physicalization of the college. This off-site teaching activity is also matched with the micro-credit course of "Urban Cross-domain Governance Practice" of our school. Therefore, students need to participate in pre-departure lectures and second-hand data investigation on campus, and then go to the field for three days and two nights of group cooperative learning. It is expected to conduct field research on the first day; data analysis and initiative preparation on the second day; and concept presentation on the third day. Finally, students also need to publicly announce the results of this relocation teaching at the assembly of the school.

Implemented by College of City Management
Date: 2022/11/17-2022/11/19

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