International Schweitzer Project - Chinese Reading Course and Computer Information Application Teaching for Chinese Primary Schools in Northern Thailand

The members of University of Taipei 110 International Schweitzer team overcame various difficulties and provided a two-week Chinese learning course for each class from the first to sixth grades in the primary school. During the implementation of the International Schweitzer Project, members of the group wake up every morning to hold course meetings, and discuss with the instructors about lesson preparation, lesson discussion, and student guidance records. In terms of teaching, the teachers and students each come up with unique tricks, each offering 18 martial arts to respond to the different learning styles of the students. Teachers assist the teaching focus through talking, learning and singing, hand-drawn composition, tablet composition, body performance, role-playing, singing and dancing, repeating the demonstration of phonetic symbols, pinyin and reading aloud, explaining words, and recognizing the shape and meaning of characters. The teaching achievement exhibition includes static exhibition and dynamic exhibition. The static exhibition presents the drawing, writing, sentence making and craft works of the students in the classrooms of each class. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students appreciate the works of the classmates and the teaching aids of the teacher, and can immediately learn Chinese with the teacher during the visit. The dynamic exhibition started with the students in each class reading texts, performing scripts, and singing Chinese songs. During the break time, the whole school led the singing, and the venue was full of laughter.

Implemented by Department of Education
Date: 2023/01/28-2023/02/11

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