Hokkaido University of Education and our school cooperate in "English Workshop on Global Issues"

This course is an online micro-credit course jointly offered by our school and its sister school, Hokkaido University of Education. The course is designed to help students discuss global issues and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and develop students to communicate confidently and fluently in English. Through weekly online courses, students can cooperate with students from other countries to search for information on relevant topics, conduct interactive discussions in English, and deliver fluent and detailed oral reports. A total of 28 students from the two schools participated (11 students from Hokkaido University of Education and 17 students from our own school). It was co-hosted by Lecturer Lin Kairui MacMillan of the Department of English Education of the school and Professor Andrew Ryan of Hokkaido University of Education. The participating students were divided into 5 groups to discuss global issues, themes It is a global issue of SDGs, such as climate change, renewable energy, gender issues, poverty issues, etc.

Implemented by Office Of International Affairs
Date: 2022/10/27-2022/12/27

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